Construction Update #5: Things are Shaping Up

It’s been awhile since our last construction update, and a lot has happened since then! The workers have been here nearly every day, putting together the side and back additions to the building. There are actual rooms to walk through now! They’re obviously not finished yet, but it’s exciting to be able to visualize what the space will look like in the future. New windows are being added, and Dr. Hurst is busy picking out carpets, wallpapers, and colors for counters for the front desk and operatories. We’ll be sure to keep you updated. IMG_4062 IMG_4061 IMG_4059

Christmas Tree Contest: Vote for Us!

It must be getting closer to the holidays, because Utley & Iszkula Orthodontics have started their annual Christmas tree decorating contest! We had so much fun decorating our entry this year. We chose the theme “Christmas Under Construction” because our office building is getting a makeover from Santa for the holidays. Make sure to click here and give our tree a “like” on Utley & Iszkula’s Facebook page in order to vote for us! Please feel free to share our entry on Facebook as well.

Construction Update #4: Getting Easier to Picture!

Make sure to take a moment to check out all of the visible progress on our building after your next dentist appointment. There are now walls for the additional rooms as well as the foundation for the roof. In the next coming weeks, the crew will remove the front of the building in order to start to build the new façade. The crew has been here nearly everyday, working hard outside while we work on your teeth inside! It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at Fairview Family Dental. The nice weather has allowed there to be even more progress than expected. Make sure to check up on the blog to see more pictures as the project continues.

Construction Update #3: Busiest Day Yet

An unusually warm day in Fairview allowed our construction project to make a lot of progress today. The workers were busy all day long pouring gravel and cement. They also worked on extending the parking lot so that our patients will never have to worry about finding a parking spot for their visits. With all the progress that was made today, it is getting easier to visualize all of the changes that are underway for our building. We hope that you are just as excited as we are!


IMG_4342 IMG_4340 IMG_4341

Construction Update #2: Really Getting to Work

The construction project continued today, and the crew really made some progress! They were working hard all day to start the changes that will be made to the front of the building. They worked on removing parts of the old façade in preparation for the front’s makeover. They also worked on digging holes to make room for the new rooms we are adding. It truly was the most exciting day of construction we’ve seen so far, and it is clear that progress is being made. Make sure you take a moment to check out the drawings of what the completed building will look like next time you stop into the office.


Fairview Family Dental Gets a Makeover

Big news: the renovation of the building is set to begin on October 12th! We are so excited to break ground on this project. The remodel will help us to better accommodate all of our patients’ needs, and is sure to give the building a wonderful new look. You can anticipate many new features at your dental office, such as an entirely new façade, additional operatories, updated equipment, a larger parking lot with handicap parking spaces, and more. Fairview Family Dental is looking forward to everything the future holds for our practice and the fresh look for the new year ahead.

Fairview Family Dental Renovation
Here is a drawing of what the front exterior of the building will look like after renovation.


July 1st Power Outage

Unfortunately, the practice is experiencing a power outage today on July 1st, 2015. The outage is area-wide, and it appears as if it may last for the rest of the day. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you had an appointment scheduled for today, we will call you as soon as possible to reschedule. Our phones are also down, so if you need to reach us please call the office tomorrow.

New Renovation and Expansion

expansionWe are excited to announce the expansion of our building to better suit our clientele!  Starting this summer, we will be adding an additional 1500 square feet to better be able to accommodate all your dental needs.   New equipment and new surroundings should add to your overall dental experience.  Stay tuned for photos and updates!